Check Out The Arlo Smart Home Security System!


As part of the Netgear Ambassador Program I get items for review and was excited to receive the Arlo Smart Home Security System for free to review for my readers!

Arlo Smart Home Security System

The Arlo system I tested comes with two wireless (battery-operated) cameras and a hub that let’s you communicate with the system. Setup is quick and easy with this system. You simply place the included batteries into the cameras and then use the included Ethernet cable to hook up the hub to your router. From there you will use the Arlo app to guide you through the rest of the account-creation process. (There is also an option to use the Arlo website if you don’t have a smartphone)

Outdoor Arlo CameraThe Arlo System really is designed to go almost anywhere (really though, they’re even waterproof). The camera itself is magnetic and the mounts you use them on are also. Once you install the mount where you want it, it’s as simple as placing the camera on it and getting it angled to the position you want.

Once up and running the Arlo system watches for motion and then begins to record these moments (and alerts you). These videos are recorded in 720p and are stored on the cloud for seven days with the FREE basic subscription. After that seven day period they are deleted. Additionally, if your videos exceed the 1 Gig storage amount the older files are deleted. You don’t have to worry though if you want to keep them longer, as Arlo provides a subscription cloud service! Premier gives you 30 days, up to 10 cameras, and 10GB for only $10 a month. You can go with Elite and get 60 days, up to 15 cameras, and 100GB for $15 a month. Both plans give you options to pay for a year up front with a reduced rate.

Arlo Smart Home Security System

One really great feature of the Arlo system is that you can set up “Modes”. This feature tends to set this system apart from a lot of its competition. This feature let you turn off select cameras based on your needs and location. For example, You can establish “Home” which turns off the indoor camera(s) and turns on the outside camera(s).

You can get (optionally) email notifications for motion alerts, but be cautions doing this if you have Outdoor cameras as you might get an inbox full with all the outdoor motion. (You can adjust the sensitivity for cameras and that may be the best option for those.)

 The Wrap Up:

I really like this system! I have used and own other systems but I really enjoy the wireless capabilities of the Arlo system. Although you can get multiple versions of this system with multiple cameras, the one I reviewed was the VMS 3230 system that gives you 2 HD cameras and the Hub and is available for $349.99 from Netgear and its many vendors.

Specs Per Netgear:


  • Video resolution
    • Configurable up to 1280 x 720
  • Video format
    • H.264
  • Imaging
    • Full Color
    • CMOS
    • Auto-adaptive white/black balance and exposure
  • Motion detection
    • Adjustable sensitivity
    • Automatic email alerts and push notifications
  • Digital pan and zoom
    • Yes
  • Night vision
    • 850 nm LEDs: illuminates up to 25 feet
    • IR cut-off filter
  • Battery
    • Four (4) Lithium CR123 Photo
  • Battery level indication
    • Yes
  • Battery life
    • 4 to 6 months
  • Field of view
    • Field of view: 110°
  • Focus range (ST)
    • Fixed focus (2 ft to infinity)
  • Operating temperature
    • 14° to 122° F (-10° C to 50° C)
  • Dimension
    • 2.8 x 1.7 x 2.6 in (72 x 44 x 66 mm)
  • Weight
    • 4.3 oz (123g)

Base Station

  • Interface port
    • Fast Ethernet
  • Indicator LEDs
    • Power, Internet, Camera, Smart Home, USB
  • IP Configuration
    • DHCP
  • Antenna
    • Internal
  • Wireless range
    • 300+ feet line of sight
  • Wireless
    • 2.4GHz
    • 802.11n
  • Processor and memory
    • 500Mhz MIPS 74K Processor
    • 128MB Flash, 128MB RAM
  • Certifications
    • FCC, IC, CE, UL
  • Operating temperature
    • 32° to 122° F (0° to 50° C)
  • Dimension
    • 2.2 x 8.5 x 6.5 in (55 x 215 x 165 mm)
  • Weight
    • 11.3 oz (320 g)
 For more information on the Arlo Smart Home Security System check out their website here for additional details.
*Disclosure: I received the Arlo System at no cost for purpose of review. No additional compensation was given. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Images courtesy of Arlo/Netgear.

Check out the Buckshot Pro by Outdoor Tech!


So if you don’t know by now, I am a complete tech lover and I have a house full of gadgets to prove it! I personally own a couple dozen bluetooth speakers but when Outdoor Tech said they had something new to check out I jumped at the chance! Today we are going to be taking a look at one of their newest gadgets, the Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro.

Buckshot Pro


The Buckshot Pro comes with a lot! You get the actual Buckshot Pro, which is the Bluetooth Speaker and powerbank, a USB flashlight accessory, the rubber handlebar bike mount, a micro USB cable, two awesome Outdoor Tech logo stickers (I love stickers) and a manual (who ever reads a manual these days).  So let’s take a deeper dive into the components and see what all they bring to the table!


The Buckshot Pro itself is a 2600 mAh battery pack and bluetooth speaker. The speaker measures just under an 1 1/2″, so you can’t expect it to give a powerful sound like The Big Turtle Shell would put out. That being said, I was pleasantly surprised at the volume and good quality that it produced! On top of the fact that the speaker had a nice quality to it, you get a rated play time of 10 hours! Nice! Additionally, one thing that a lot of bluetooth speakers don’t have these days is a speakerphone component. The Buckshot Pro has this one handled however, as it has an incorporates speakerphone for all those conference calls you are just dying to take! 😉 Another great feature of the Buckshot Pro unit is that it also comes with a 2600 mAh battery pack. Depending on what type of phone you have it will charge the average phone to full charge. (Who doesn’t need an extra charge available these days!)

Buckshot Pro Bike Mount

Now let’s take a look at the other fun stuff it come with! First up is a USB flashlight accessory! The best part about the flashlight is that it’s super simple! Just plug in the USB flashlight right into the USB port on the Buckshot Pro then rotate the lock ring so it ends up flush with the flashlight. That’s it! The flashlight accessory has several different settings you can use. If you hold down the power button on the flashlight accessory for three seconds and it will start off in a torch mode. If you push the button again it dims down the torch mode. Lastly if you push the button again and it goes into a lamp mode which is great for ambient lighting.

Buckshot Pro

Lastly it comes with a handlebar mount which you are able to attach in a number of different ways to a bike or anything else you can imagine!

Final thoughts about the Buckshot Pro

So is it worth your hard earned cash to get a Buckshot Pro? In my opinion, yes. If you are looking for a mid range bluetooth speaker or a battery pack, this is the way to go. You get the best of both worlds, PLUS you get a flashlight! If you were to have to buy all three separate you would easily be over a hundred dollars but you can get the Buckshot Pro for only $79.95!

Want to know more about using the Buckshot Pro? Check out  the video from Outdoor Tech below!

Disclosure: I received the Buckshot Pro from Outdoor Tech at no cost in order to review and received no additional compensation. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Photos courtesy of Outdoor Tech.