The Smallest and Most Useful Micro Charger You’ve Ever Seen!


Fuel Micro Charger

We’ve all been there. Your phone is dying and you just need a little more juice! We get upset because we didn’t charge it enough or bring a power-pack, but that’s where this particularly cute micro charger is everything! Devotec’s Fuel micro charger is the worlds smallest rechargeable external battery! How small is it? Well take a look at the image to the left which compares it to a quarter. Yes, it’s that small!

Fuel Micro ChargerAs you could probably guess from its size, this charger isn’t going to give you a ton of power for your smartphone, however it certainly enough to make those last minute calls or get those texts to go through before the end of the night! (Just reach for it on your keychain!!!) The Fuel’s internal battery holds about 220mAh worth of charge, which Devotec figures will give your smartphone up to a half hour of extra talk time.

The Fuel Micro Charger comes as a default with the micro charger but you can buy an attachment to make it work with iOS devices. The Fuel Micro Charger is available for $24.99 from Devotec!

Fuel Micro Charger

Fuel Micro Charger

Check out this video to see the Fuel Micro Charger in action:


*Disclaimer: I received the Devotec Fuel Micro Charger at no charge in order to review. I received no other compensation for this review. All opinions are my own.

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