You won’t believe what this Shark can do!


Shark RotatorOk, so it’s not every day you have to go out and buy an new vacuum cleaner, but when it is time you want to make sure it’s the right one. I recently received the Rotator from Shark and realized I had certainly been using an inferior product before I got this one!

The Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away is exactly what the cleaning doctor ordered for a variety of home situations. Regardless if you are in a light or heavy traffic home, pet or no pet home, or small or big space the Rotator is definitely a good choice. What I think I like most about this vacuum is all of the ways you can use it. Shark itself describes this vacuum as a “Three-In-One” unit but the uses far outnumber just the three units it can convert to.

The Rotator can be a standard upright (like pictured to the left), that many people are used to. You can also use the powered lift away and canister combo which allows you to clean in areas that were once unreachable. (No more moving that furniture just to clean!) You can can also use it as a convenient canister with a caddy!


Now let’s talk about a couple attachment that help to make this vacuum such an powerhouse!

The True Pet motorized brush:

True Pet Motorized Brush

Click on the image to watch the video!


One of my favorite attachments is the True Pet motorized brush. This attachment makes picking up pet hair a breeze! Now this type of attachment isn’t anything new as “air driven” ones have been around for years. What makes this one different is it has its own motorized brush! With all the other ones out there you simply are getting the surface dirt, but with the power of a motor behind this attachment you are getting all that dirt and hair that the other ones can’t.

The Hard-Floor Genie:

Hard Floor Genie

Click on the image to watch the video!


This was an attachment I really loved for the kitchen and my hallways, as my previous vacuum just didn’t get the job done. Before I had this attachment I felt I was just was just running the vacuum over the hardwood and hoping it would just suck up whatever was there. The problem is it wasn’t actually cleaning and I had to go back over it with something else.  With the Hard-Floor Genie it has the suction you need to get up all that mess on your tile, linoleum or hardwood floor, but has a soft and washable micro fiber pad component so that you are dusting at the same time! Just imagine being able to clean up your mess but at the same time you can cut down on all the dusting or second round cleaning!


Complete Seal

Lastly I would like to talk about the Rotators “Complete Seal Technology“. As someone who suffers from allergies I’m pretty picky about the cleaning products I use in my home. So many vacuums out there just seem to throw the dust around when it’s cleaning and generally sets off an allergy attack. The Rotator has a “Complete sealed” HEPA system. What this means is that it captures and holds over 99.99% of dust & allergens inside the vacuum, and doesn’t put it back out into the air you’re breathing. This is one benefit both pet owners and allergy sufferers alike will love!


Overall The Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away is just one awesome vacuum cleaner! It’s made cleaning up much easier and has certainly done a much better job that my previous equipment! The Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away currently sells for $249.75  when you buy directly from Shark and is also available at multiple retailers across the country!

Still want to see more of what the Rotator can do? Check out this great summary video from Shark:

Shark Rotator Summary

Click on the image to watch the video!


You can also connect with Shark on Facebook and Twitter to learn even more!

Make sure to leave a comment below on what you think about the Rotator or what feature you would use the most!


*I received the Shark Rotator at no cost in order to facilitate my review. There was no additional compensation. All thoughts and opinions are my own. All images courtesy of Shark.


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