Hashtag Cube Is All That And A Bag Of Chips!


Hashtag CubeSo what happens when you take a #hashtag and give it a dedicated life of its own? You get the Hashtag Cube! The Hashtag Cube curates what you are passionate about and displays it in real time. Whether you want to see photos of tropical places, famous celebs, or just pics of your friends, the Hashtag Cube will collect those photos and display them in a stream for your pleasure. The Cube will not only allow you to curate a stream of photos based on a hashtag that you have chosen, but will also stream photos from your own Instagram feed or photos from other users accounts.



Hashtag CubeHere are a few of the great features that I really like about the Cube. 1) First and foremost, it’s wireless! The Cube hooks up to your wifi and can be charged up and used without any wires! This is great because you can use it anywhere. You could use the Cube to steam photos of your products at your business, have it on a counter during a party to display whats happening, or just put it on a bookshelf to use as a modern digital photo frame. 2) It has a touch screen! No need to plug up your Cube to a computer to set it up, it’s super easy and can be done right from the touch screen! 3) Navigation is clean and simple. There is a dedicated power, menu, and like button button right on top of the cube. With the push of one button you can access the menu to switch between options or like a photo on behalf of your Instagram account,

Hashtag Cube Buttons

The Hashtag Cube is available in Classic, Black, or White from multiple vendors. You can purchase the cube from Ebay, Amazon, or Adorama for just $149.99.

To see more about the Hashtag Cube you can engage with them on their following feeds:

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+


*I received the Hashtag Cube for review at no cost and have received no additional compensation for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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