The Maven – Your iPhone’s new best friend!


MavenLenmar‘s Maven ($99) for iPhone 6 is bound to be your iPhone 6’s new best friend. Lemar has packed a 3000 mAh battery into a hard case that not only gives you 110% more battery life than your iPhone 6 alone, but also includes a forward-facing speaker port which increases the the volume of your music! (Although it’s not an electronic amplification of the sound you certainly can hear the difference in sound it provides)

The Maven is designed with a glowing “X” on the back that has two functions. The first function allows you to tap it once so you can show how much power is left in the case (also known to the techies as a “capacity indicator LED”). The second function is used by holding down the “X” to begin charging your iPhone 6.  One thing that I really like about this charging case, versus some of the others on the market, is that it will allow you to charge the case at the same time as the case is charging your iPhone 6!

There only seems to be a few manufacturers out there making a charging pack for the iPhone 6, but this case is not only lighter at only 3.36 oz but has out performed the other cases I have tested so far. I certainly think this is a better option for iPhone 6 users over a general battery pack, as its an all in one package that will not only charger your phone but do so at a minimal size difference to your phone. The Maven is available from Lenmar for $99 and comes in 4 available colors: Silver, Black, Blue and Red.

Man Preorder



*The Maven was provided by Lenmar for review. I received no other compensation for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own

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