Have you seen this Mutant?


Undead Power "Mutant"

Lenmar Enterprises, Inc. has unleashed the Mutant™, announcing availability of its newest high-capacity portable power pack built to deliver undead power for tablets, smartphones and USB devices. Packing a monster 20,800mAh (milliamp hours) into a sleek, 1.1-pound unit, the Mutant is Lenmar’s most powerful external battery pack ever offered for portable devices. Lenmar Enterprises

Ok, so it’sLenmar Mutant not a superhero kind of mutant, but it almost could be! The Mutant is Lenmar’s most recent portable power pack that delivers an insane 20,800mAh of battery power! That’s right, 20,800 mAh! Just so you can understand just how much power that is, it’s enough capacity to charge your iPhone 5S, or most current smartphones, around 10 times with just one charge! With 4 different USB ports to power your tech, you can power up your phone, your tablet, and have room for two friends to power up all at the same time! The Mutant even comes with a charging adapter for faster charging and includes international adapters that work in AUS, EU, UK, and  the USA.

Lenmar's Mutant


One feature I really like about the Mutant is the fact that it can act like a power hub. One big restriction in the power pack world is that you have to choose to either charge your devices or charge the power pack, but not both. The Mutant on the other hand will allow you to charge it and your devices all at the same time!  This is a huge relief for users who want to charge up those dying tablets or phones but also want to take the Mutant with them with power to spare!

Up until recently I have used a different power pack that has been available on the market and it boasted a capacity of 9,000mAh and one USB port to charge my devices. I now carry around the Mutant and have the ability to charge not only my device by those devices my friends have with them. I’m always the guy that friends go to when their phone starts to die because they know I always have a charging pack with me, but now you should see their face when I pull out this Mutant!

The Mutant is available at retail for $199.99 and in my opinion is worth every dime!

Lenmar Undead Power

Disclosure: I received the Mutant from Lenmar at no cost to review. I received no additional compensation and all opinions are my own. Photos used courtesy of Lenmar.

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