Know The Weather Inside And Out With The Netatmo Weather Station

Photo: Masaki Okumura
Want to check on the weather outside but don’t want to actually go into the elements? You could check the Weather Channel or your thermostat, but that’s so 2007. Enter the WiFi enabled Netatmo Personal Weather Station for your home or office.

– Unboxing Video By Chris Rauschnot (@24kMedia on Twitter) –

Two well-designed metal monitoring modules are what you will find in the easy to install kit. The larger of the two wireless units goes inside and acts as the base station, while a smaller outside device mounts under an overhang away from direct sunlight. As you can see in the unboxing video, the outdoor unit has a weather seal and is protected by its metal enclosure. That’s it for the hardware, but the fun continues with its free apps and web dashboard.
The personal weather station has a free app available for Android and iOS, optimized for both for the iPhone and iPad. Setting it up with a secure WiFi network was easy and only took a few minutes. Usually, new wireless devices ask for a WiFi password, but Netatmo knows that people probably won’t remember their code. After asking for permission, the app copied the WiFi password saved on my iPhone. Once it registers with Netatmo’s servers, it checks for the latest firmware, installs it if necessary and then makes a connection with the outdoor module. The app then switches from setup to monitoring mode.
– Netatmo Weather Station Demo –
At a quick glance, the upper section of the mobile app displays the current temperature outside, humidity and what it feels like. The quick inside weather view shows the indoor CO2 level via a colored ball, temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. But the fun doesn’t stop there with what the app can do. If you swipe down, three more sections appear.
The first section contains a weather summary with the high and low temperature, wind speed and direction, rain total, daylight hours and most recently, the UV index. Drag the summary to the left to see a seven-day forecast. Knowing how many hours of sunlight there will be available is each day is great for those that want to maximize their outdoor activities.
A temperature section next to the summary displays a scrollable graph of the high and low with the time of day. The final sub section shows rain totals based on time as well. Within a few seconds, you could decide how long you could go for that run, clean the yard or build a deck for the house.
Swiping all of the way up displays several sections. The largest two presents indoor weather with the CO2 level in parts per million and the audio level in decibels. The smallest of the details show current temperature, humidity and pressure. If you have multiple zones that you want to keep track of, there is an option to add another indoor wireless sensor.
Netatmo’s weather station has become so popular that the IFTTT cloud scripting service has created a Netatmo channel with trigger recipes for other Internet connected devices based on variables like temperature, air quality or even noise level. During the winter, a freezing temperature level could trigger a Belkin WeMo Switch to turn on a space heater. The service could send you a text message when your roommate is blasting loud music again, or track CO2 levels in your place on a Google Spreadsheet. Netatmo says that keeping the inside CO2 level below 500 ppm is healthier for you and your loved ones. I used this feature daily to try and keep my indoor level low.
There is a growing number of weather stations being installed around the world that are publicly reporting their data on this link with about 20 in and around Las Vegas. Integrating the weather station with IFTTT is a nice way to extend its usefulness and goes to show the beginnings of what may be possible with this consumer technology.
Overall, the Netatmo Personal Weather Station at $179 available from their website definitely has a high cool factor, is easy to install and for people who like weather data, is the device for you.
Guest Author
Chris RauschnotAbout The Author: Christopher Rauschnot is excited about technology, the web and engaging via social media. He’s a conference and panel speaker and a Certified Apple Technician for over 10 years. He enjoys traveling, driving cool cars, food, events, red carpets and profiling celebrities when they visit his city of Las Vegas. Contact him direct via @24k on Twitter and follow his 24kMedia Facebook page.

Disclosure: I received a Netatmo Personal Weather Station at no cost for review. I received no other compensation for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own

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