Fine Dining At Home In A Modern Age


Blue ApronSo you don’t have a culinary degree under your belt to make fine meals, nor do have the funds to afford such a lavish lifestyle you say? This is where world as you know it has changed. A company call Blue Apron has found a solution for you that makes it easy for you do gourmet meals on a budget! Blue Apron offers a $60-a-week delivery service that features six two-person entrée options (vegetarian optional), of which you pick three that you are interested in.

Blue Apron


(Not gonna be able to do 3 different meals one week or don’t like the options? No problem, you can opt out if recipes don’t appeal to you, or just cancel at any time). So in case you missed the math, thats three different $20 gourmet meals a week! Where can you go eat an amazing meal for you and a guest for only $20 these days, nowhere!



Blue Apron

So you may be thinking that since it’s a gourmet meal that its difficult to create these amazing meals, but you’re wrong. Blue Apron makes everything so easy because it gives you the precise amount of seasoning needed for each meal in individually packaged containers/pouches. Not only does it come with will need, but it comes with detailed step-by-step recipes that show you what everything should look like and how long each step should take. On top of its ease of use you don’t have to have all the “chef gear” to make these meals. Outside of what Blue Apron sends you, all you need is salt, pepper and occasionally olive oil. For cooking equipment, all you need are standard pots,pans and knives.  Also a huge bonus is time management, as all the Blue Apron meals are designed to be kitchen to table in 35 minuets or less! (Try getting this done at your local restaurant with a made from scratch meal) This is just one more reason why I have come to love Blue Apron!

Blue ApronBlue Apron currently delivers to about half the country at this time and is constantly adding new delivery areas to its list. To check out if they deliver to you click on the Blue Apron delivery box on the right.

Overall you should totally check out this amazing service that you will no doubt come to love just as much as I have!

Disclosure: I was given a free weeks worth of Blue Apron (3 meals) to try out the service. I was not compensated additionally for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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