This is one Shark to look out for!

You might think at first glance that the Shark Sonic Duo is a steam mop, but it’s not. The truth is that the Sonic Due uses cool water and various solutions with a scrubbing action to clean all types of floors. Let’s take a look at this hot new item from Shark! We can first check out the specs:

Shark Sonic Duo

    Shark® Sonic Duo™ Carpet & Hard Floor Cleaner
  • Safe for all floors including wood, tile, linoleum, laminate, stone floors and carpets or area rugs
  • Sonic Trap & Remove™ Technology
  • 1000 Scrubs per minute
  • Airglide maneuverability
  • Comes with 3 pads (green trim) and no-rinse wood and hard floor cleaner, for hard surface floors; plus low moisture-no-rinse-carpet shampoo and 2 pads (purple trim) for carpets and area rugs; pretreater carpet spot remover; wood and hard floor polish and buffing pad; 2 colored cap reusable bottles (to mix concentrated solutions); and a tray.
  • Swivel steering with 180deg of maneuverability
  • Lit cleaning path
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable; safe for family and pets
  • Learn more from the manufacturer
  • Available at retailers nationwide
  • No-rinse solutions will be available where Shark® products are sold
  • Wool safe approved
  • $249.99 MSRP

Shark Sonic Duo

So how does the Sonic Duo actually perform you may ask?

Before I jump into its performace I just want to say how awesome it is that it comes with a lot of accessories! I love the fact that they don’t make you go out for “special pads” or “other solutions”. (On top of that, you get color coded pads and solutions so that you don’t apply the wrong pads when you are cleaning!) You get everything you need in the box to do what it claims! What I have found is that with the Shark Sonic Duo you can do your carpets, rugs, and all hard surface floors from hardwood to tile.

I started out using the Sonic Duo on my hardwood floors, since most of my flooring is hardwood I know this would be a good test! I was really happy with the way the Sonic Duo moves. It has a great swivel that gets into tight spots and around objects easily. It was super easy to use as all it takes is a little squeeze of the trigger to spray the solution approx half a foot in front of you as you glide back and forth with the Sonic Duo. With its smooth motion the Sonic Duo does all the work, and all you have to do is point it in the right direction!

Before using the Sonic Duo I used a method of a Swiffer and a spray bottle. I would go through a large amount of my cleaning product every time I use to clean this way. I found that using the Sonic Duo I actually use a lot less cleaning fluid! Additionally, what is also great is the fact that the Sonic Duo also comes with the reusable solution bottles, so they can be removed and you can keep the rest of the solution for another cleaning day.  

Overall Impressions of the Sonic Duo by Shark

By far, the Shark Sonic Duo is one of the easiest cleaning tools I’ve ever used. It glides on the floor with ease and leaves the floor streak-free with no residue! Not only does it clean exceptionally well, but the Shark Sonic Duo does an awesome job of removing stains and getting rid of odors from carpeting. It’s overall a great cleaning tool that is easy to use and you certainly get your money’s worth with all the accessories!

Shark Sonic Duo

Disclosure: I received the Sonic Duo by Shark® at no cost for review. I received no other compensation for this post and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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