Good Things Come In Small Packages!


So when you think of big sound with clarity you don’t often think of think of things in small packaging. It’s time to reprogram your brain, introducing the Bose Soundlink Mini!


It’s become a large and diverse market for bluetooth speakers but Bose has found a way to still stand out amongst the crowd. Bose doesn’t go after that celebrity angle, boast about being the biggest or smallest, but instead promotes a solid experience with a polished sound.

 miniWeighing in at only 1.5 pounds, the SoundLink Mini is the perfect weight and size to grab and go at any time. The SoundLink Mini speaker has an  aluminum housing and a gripping rubber bottom that allows it to be used and sat almost anywhere.
The Soundlink Mini currently retails for $199, which means it’s not exactly the cheapest bluetooth speaker on the market. One thing to think about when it comes to Bose is that Bose has long placed itself as the premium product in its industry. And, being Bose, when you buy a speaker of theirs they make sure the price tag goes along with the brand reputation and experience you expect.


What you get with the Soundlink Mini

Besides the speaker and included AC adapter. you also get a cool charging cradle. So if you are one of those users that like to drop-and-go, the charging cradle is your new best friend. The one thing to look out for is that the Soundlink Mini does have a micro-USB port, but it’s not for charging. Bose has said this is for future firmware updates only. That being said, don’t forget to bring the AC adapter if you are planning on taking it on an extended trip.

Overall I love this compact wonder! There are only a few things to bare in mind when considering this device. The Soundlink Mini doesn’t have a built in microphone, so if you planned on using it to make conference calls you may need to look at a different option. Also this speaker, unlike several on the market, doesn’t feature NFC. If conference calls and NFC capability aren’t a concern to you, then you can’t beat this compact power house!
Disclaimer: I was able to review the Soundlink Mini  from Verizon Wireless at no charge. I was not compensated additionally for this post. Thoughts and opinions are my own.

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