One-Upping the One-Downer


Great one!

White Elephant in the Room

elephant_downerThe other night a friend and I both had a random song in our heads we couldn’t quite place. A quick smartphone search later and we learned it was from the musical Legally Blonde. My friend said, “oh that’s right I saw that on Broadway!” Without missing a beat I replied, “Cool, I saw it in London.” In the moment I thought I was just stating a fact, but I quickly realized I was inadvertently being one of “those people” we all love to hate – the One-Upper.

One-Uppers freely roam the streets these days, ready to pounce on your relatively cool statement with something decidedly more awesome. Your weekend at the pool is no match for the One-Upper’s weekend by the ocean. If you’ve been to Paris, the One-Upper has been there twice. The One-Upper will take your 10K walk and raise you one half marathon. See a…

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