Dropbox, It’s still a favorite!


Dropbox, It's been around but I still love it!

I’m sure if you have at least a little techie in side of you then you have a Dropbox account. For those of you who may not here is a little history and info. According to the internet legends, Dropbox was developed back in 2007 when MIT grad and founder Drew Houston got tired of always forgetting his memory sticks around campus. His idea: a simple , cloud-based system to sync files across all of your devices. All one would have to do is just drag files or folders into the Dropbox folder, and they automatically sync everywhere you have it set up. You can edit from anywhere and changes are saved and synced! Dropbox gives you 2GB for free (or up to 16GB additional, if you refer friends) and has paid plans for those who need a little more storage. You can send a friend or co-worker (assuming your company doesn’t lock out the site) a file by even sending them a direct link to the file in the folder you create! (Bonus, they don’t have to even have to be a Dropbox user, but they really should be!) So if you aren’t using this valuable tool yet, then click the Dropbox logo and give it a whirl!

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